CENTEXS or the Centre of Technical Excellence Sarawak is a training centre with a heritage training program, focusing on youth engagement. With the inescapable era of technological advancement, the effort of preserving these traditional crafts and the methods of creating them is more critical than ever. Located in Santubong - a mere 35-minute drive away from Kuching City – the area is famous for its coastal villages, river Irrawaddy dolphins, and of course, the legendary Mount Santubong.



Many centuries ago, there lived two beautiful sisters. One was called Santubong and another was called Sejinjang. Descendants of a demigod, they were both sent from the heavens to bring peace to two opposing villages. As they descend upon the earth, the villagers were stunned to see a bright light radiating like the sun. The beauty and gentleness of the princesses were unparalleled. The princesses were not just stunning, but they were talented too. Princess Santubong was an avid weaver and Princess Sejinjang had a flair for pounding rice. They had many admirers but was always unfazed by anyone who tried to court them.
One day, a charming prince named Serapi caught the eye of the princesses. Both Princess Santubong and Princess Sejinjang desired to be betrothed to the prince.

“Puteri Santubong Puteri Sejinjang Penjaga gunung negeri Sarawak Manis sik ada dapat dilawan Anak dak dewa turun kayangan”

An argument ensued between the two sisters since they both equally yearned to be Prince Serapi’s only wife.The conflict and jealousy grew increasingly aggressive as Sejinjang attacked Santubong with her rice pounder while Santubong fought back with her weaving tools and hit Sejinjang.
Not long after that, their father discovered his daughters’ fighting and decided to curse the both of them. Lightning struck and a loud thunderous roar was heard when both sisters were transformed – Santubong into a mountain and Sejinjang into scattered islands, known today as Pulau Kerak, Pulau Satang, Pulau Talang-Talang and Pulau Lakir. As for Prince Serapi, upon learning that both princesses were cursed, he sorrowfully hid in a mountain. Today, the mountain is known as Mount Serapi.



Today, the spirit of the legendary Princess Santubong lives on through the people of Santubong. Similar to Princess Santubong, there is a growing number of talented weavers that were cultivated through the Keringkam and Songket Weaving program. The community exudes pride and tenacity in their way of life and within the products that they create.

CENTEXS or the Centre of Technical Excellence Sarawak is home to over a hundred artists and creators who craft a large variety of exclusive products that are unique to the culture of Sarawak. Combining traditional methods with modern products, CENTEXS produces bags, phone and tablet cases, shoes, scarfs, pillow cases, accessories and various souvenirs crafted from weaved Songket and Keringkam.